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Launch X431 CR-HD Feature

The majority of Launch X431 is good for automobiles. But to get pick up truck owers, Start Corporation furthermore develope heavy duty protection. The primary major pick up truck protection is definitely Launch X431 CR-HD and X431 Tool furthermore assist performing pick up truck analysis.

Launch X431 CR-HD heavy truck code may be the 1st major pick up truck code audience which usually Start most recent designed. It's got integrated your basic analysis functions associated with a pair of heavy duty pick up truck common methods (J1939 and J1708), placed couple of. 8" shade LCD having gorgeous interface, and prepared by 6PIN and 9PIN more analysis connectors, which can supply highest quality, well organized, and many qualified analysis provider to get heavy duty vans. Via these days upon, your heavy duty vans likewise have his or her small-scale analysis tool.

Launch X431 is really a motor vehicle analysis unit having shade filter show and Bluetooth know-how to get garages mainly intended by Start. Launch X431 CR-HD functions around anti-oil grime, anti-dust and it’s shakeproof. Cupboard type having delamination design and style and unattached field could boost practice performance enormously. Launch X431 CR-HD heavy truck code could right often be priced through the bottom level interface associated with tool cupboard The following unit materializes humanization and it will likely be a fantastic associate to get garages.

Launch X431 CR-HD Feature
Read failing code
Crystal clear failing code
Read facts streams
Assist various ECUs
Assist 6PIN, 9PIN, and 16PIN analysis connectors
Assist J1939, and J1708 motor vehicle conversation methods
Having multi-languages operate (British, and French, or anything else. )Launch X431)
Having online program upgrade operate (USB2. 0)

Launch X431 CR-HD heavy truck code Specification
Filter: couple of. 8", 262K real shade, 320*240 LCD
Input voltage variety: 8~36V
Working existing: usually <100mA
Typical strength use: <1. 2W
Insert link: 6PIN, 9PIN, 16PIN analysis connector
Geographical heat range: 0℃~50℃
Safe-keeping heat range and wetness: -20℃~70℃@ RH 60%
Outside facet: L*W*H=121*82*26mm
Individual unit: <500g.

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