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Resolution about MB STAR C4, MB STAR C5 Update and will not tes

MB STAR C5 supports prognosis and programming for engine/chassis/car body/dashboard for all Mercedes Benz vehicles and trucks after 12 months 2000. It shares precisely the same software/ operate with MB SD C4, aid WIFI and Lan cable link, but MB SD Connect C5 has greater hardware and performance.

Remedy about MB STAR C4, Mercedes BENZ C5 Update and can not examination cars troubles
one. Be certain your laptop components model is bigger the mb star c4 or mb star c5 variation, otherwise, CSD will display update unsuccessful . Bootimage can update correctly.
The following image present the way to look at the mb star c4 or mb star c5 version

The next picture is display your computer components HDD program model

If their software package is just not same, it no will need update ( because manufacturing facility has upgraded the most up-to-date variation of the mb star c4 or mb star c5 machine)

two. If buyer not use our HDD software program, it will show up study vehicle failed issues.
Option as following
(1) Mb star c4 or mb star c5 offer power to verify the machine was flip on, similar to the subsequent image ( If now present the three icon, it means the mb star c4 or c5 main device is damaged )

(two). connect LAN with computer, ensure computer system IP change to172.29.127.118, like the following image :

(three) adjust of software working with sample (Because you modify the software package for your firmware upgrade method, the computer software is not test the automobiles)
The subsequent picture is display the computer software is up grade manner.

The next photo is display check examine automobile manner.
3 information identify Update_automaticx , Update_manualx ; Update_Specialx
This is often study motor vehicle method, if can't read through car, be sure to modify information title, then restart computer

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